Other Productions
staged by the Little Theatre Movement

1941 Quiet Wedding Esther McCracken
Elinor Lithgow
  Shining Hour Keith Winter
Elinor Lithgow
1942 Hurricane

Roger Mais
Frank Waite-Smith

  School for Scandal Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Cicely Waite-Smith
1944 Midsummer Night's Dream William Shakespeare
Noel Vaz
  Vagabond King Rudolph Friml
Noel Vaz
1945 Arsenic and Old Lace Joseph Kesselring
Noel Vaz
  Jupiter Laughs Noel Vaz
  Lady Precious Stream Hsiung Shih-i
Mr & Mrs Garrod
1946 Play Without Scenery George Campbell
Sonia Watson Taylor
  Othello William Shakespeare
Vere Johns
1947 Night Must Fall Emylyn Williams
Neil Gibson
1949 Noah Andre Obey
Noel Vaz
1950 Merchant of Venice William Shakespeare
Nugent Monck
  Give us this Day Pietro Di Donata
Noel Vaz
  Tobias and the Angel James DeBridie
C.W. Fyfield
  Inherit this Land Evan Jones
Zachy Matalon
1951 St. Joan George Bernard Shaw
Noel Vaz
  Ladies in Retirement Maurice Harty
  Sunnyside Concert
(Hurricane benefit fund)
Eric Coverley
  Blithe Spirit (with Theatre Arts Club and University Drama Workshop) Noel Coward
C.W. Fyfield
1952 Salome Oscar Wilde
Orford St. John
  Phoenix too Frequent Christopher Fry
Orford St. John
1953 Elizabeth the Queen Maxwell Anderson
Maurice Harty
1954 Dial M for Murder Frederick Knott
Maurice Harty
1961 The Matchmaker Thorton Wilder
Arnold Moss
1962 Dark of the Moon Berney & Richardson
Vivi Matalon
1963 Macbeth William Shakespeare
Rev. Fr. Shea
1964 Midsummer Night's Dream William Shakespeare
Gillian Binns
1965 As You Like It William Shakespeare
Reggie Carter
1966 Romeo & Juliet William Shakespeare
Paul Methuen
1967 Twelfth Night William Shakespeare
Paul Methuen
1972 Taming of the Shrew William Shakespeare
Paul Methuen
  Moon on a Rainbow Shawl Errol John
1973 Merry Wives of Windsor William Shakespeare
Thom Cross (Director)
  Brother Man Roger Mais
Thom Cross (Director)