Book and Lyrics by
Barbara Gloudon

Directed by
Brian Heap

Music by
Grub Cooper & Noel Dexter
with Peter Ashbourne, Marjorie Whylie, Joe Williams, Barbara Ferland, Mapletoft Poulle

Set by
Pierre Lemaire

Costumes by
Paul Hamilton

Movement by
Rex Nettleford with George Howard

Lighting by
George Carter



The Story

Fifty 50
Fifty-Fifty is a light hearted story of Daddy Bop, who turns fifty and takes great pride in being sole owner of 50 Poinciana Street, a big dilapidated old house. He gets on well with his tenants, who throw a birthday party for him But Daddy Bop is haunted by a figure from his past... one Miss Lady, a childhood acquaintance of whom he is not too very fond. She has been living in "Foreign"

Her mother and Daddy Bop's mother were joint owners of Number 50 Poinciana Street. Both mothers have gone to Heaven. Daddy Bop's mother (Mother B) having done so in a more spectacular fashion than the other... she dallied her bike into a Poinciana tree. She keeps wandering away from Heaven to talk to her grandson John, one of Daddy Bop's three sons. By magic means, Mother B enables John to see to Foreign where Miss Lady and her two weird daughters Countess and Duchess reign over high society, while bullying the third daughter Mary

Miss Lady is advised that she has inherited half of Number 50. Daddy Bop doesn't want anyone to know that he will now be part owner so he devises a scheme to pretend that the premises is still his. He turns it into the Poinciana Street Culcharality Centre. But the plan does not work. Miss Lady arrives and takes over.

Chaos reigns in the yard and Mother B has to be called in to save the day. In true Pantomime tradition, she does and the curtain comes down on the usual happy ending.

Cast of Characters
Miss Lady: Lois Kelly Miller/ Dorothy Cunningham
Daddy Bop: Karl Binger/ Lenford Salmon
Mary: Jaqui Higgins/ Janice Ward
John: Luke Williams/ Melward Morris
Duchess: Debbie Hickling/ Ereitha Huffstead
Countess: Yvonne Ashley/ Doreen King
Count: Canute Lawrence/ Michael Nicholson
Duke: Recordo Redwood/ George Howard
Streggeh: Pamela Bennett/ Yvonne Ashley
Yeggeh: Jennifer Douglas/ Ereitha Huffstead
Plato: Desmond Moulton/ Canute Lawrence
Mrs. Plato: Donna Lebert/Hortense Smikle
Mother: Halcyone Samms/ Faith Bucknor
Juciful: Delrose Burke/ Hortense Smikle
Buckingham: Erald Waysome/ Christopher Bennett
Faith: Faith Bucknor/ Jackie Higgins
Hope: Elizabeth Brown/ Ivy McPherson
Charity: Debbie Hickling/ Doreen King
Madda B: Ivy McPherson/ Elizabeth Brown

In Supporting roles: Michael Dawkins, Tchalla Lee Lawrence, Fitz Weir, Donald Morgan, Carlton Butler, Michael Pinnock, Colin Anglin
Musical Numbers
Act One
Happy Birthday Daddy Bop (Dexter)
In De Time Dat Me Was Born (Dexter)
Occupation (Drummond)
Mary Mary (Ashbourne)
I Love Balls (Ashbourne)
Morning Come Again (Cooper)
Money is a Funny Thing (Poulle)
I Hate Balls (Ashbourne)
Too Much Pride (Dexter)
Evening Time (Ferland)
Culcharality (Cooper)

Act Two
Number 50 Poinciana Street (Cooper)
March of the Barrels (Williams)
Two of a Kind (Cooper)
Two of a Different Kind (Cooper)
Confrontation (Dexter)
Poinciana Waltz (Whylie)

Winston "Sparrow Martin" Leader - trumpet
Kathy Barett - Keyboards
Rudolph Byfield - Keyboards
Vincent Hawthorne - Saxophone
David Sanderson - Bass
Paul Green - Guitar
Durval Williams - Percussion