Book and Lyrics by
Barbara Gloudon

Directed by
Brian Heap

Music by
Grub Cooper

Set by
Denise Forbes

Costumes by
Anya Gloudon

Props by
Symonne Coombs

Movement by
George Howard and Bert Rose

Lighting by
George Carter and Michael McDonald



The Story

(Based on 1969/70 LTM National Pantomime “Moonshine Anancy”)

Twenty five years after the first Mission to the Moon, Jah-Jah Soul is anxious to return. He is pleased when Ambrozine who led the first mission returns to make up another crew for the return trip. This time she has transformed herself into Iris H. Linen and is pulling style more than ever, to the disgust of her old friend Miss Corpie.

Miss Corpie is not enthusiastice about a return visit to the lunar landscape. She would rather stay home and bake pudden and live quietly in her village where the residents include the basketball trio of Jump Shot, Slam Dunk and Three Pointer. They would like to go to the Moon if only to test Gravity. Despite setbacks, Moonsplash Two does take off for the return to the Moon, carrying on board a stowaway, the strange creature know to one and all as Loona Moona. With Lt. Max at the controls and his fiancé Diana, who is Miss Linen’s personal assistant at his side, Moonsplash Two is piloted into the sky to land eventually on the Moon.

Soon after their arrival the trouble begins. Moon King and Moon King Wife are not too happy to see Earth People whose presence always brings problems. By the time Moon King is ready to deport the earth people, Miss Corpie comes to the rescue and sves the day with her special skills. The Mission returns to earth… and Moon King and his people hope they will stay so that hey can get on with their lunar lives.

Cast of Characters
Jah Jah Soul: Michael Nicholson/Colin Anglin
Iris H. Linen: Dorothy Cunningham/
Faith Bucknor
Miss Corpie: Ivy McPherson-Phillips/
Doreen King
Lt. Max : Melward Morris/Recordo Redwood
Diana: Janice Ward/Jacqueline Higgins
Jump Shot: Canute Lawrence/Kevin Roach
Slam Dunk: Valerie Marks/Suzanne Beadle
Three Pointer: Donna Lebert/Oliver Gordon/
Sonia Samuels
Loona Moona: George Howard/Glenroy Samuels
Moon King: Donovan Miller/Carlton Butler
Moon King Wife: Delrose Burke/Scheol Miller

In supporting roles: Elizabeth Brown-James, Halcyone Samms, Petrona Levy, Sherrie Edwards
Musical Numbers
Act 1
Miss Corpie Have a Story
We Know You
Baby, Baby
Nothing is Impossible
Haffe Fit
Dem Gone Lef We

Act 2
We a Fly
Ah Earth People
On the Dark Side of the Moon
Loona Moona Come Back
Hearie De News
Finale: Moonsplash
We a fly (reprise)


Calvin Cameron - Leader/ Trombone
Pat Roxborough - Keyboard
Christopher Harvey - Piano
David Sanderson - Bass Guitar
Glenroy Samuels - Guitar
Everton Baker - Percussion