Book by
Barbara Gloudon

Lyrics by
Barbara Gloudon and Grub Cooper

Music by
Grub Cooper

Set by
Denise Forbes

Costumes by
Anya Gloudon

Props by
Symonne Coombs

Movement by
Rex Nettleford, George Howard and Milton Sterling

Lighting by
George Carter



The Story

Reggae Son
(based on Johnny Reggae)

A new script has been developed for “Reggae Son” but traces of “Johnny Reggae” remain. Johnny becomes Sonny. Miss Inez remains. Nuffus is now Wapsie. Mrs. Dry Up and Freddy are back but with new agendas. New characters have been introduced like the three dance hall queens - Oneisha, Twoneisha and Threeneisha. Cutie returns as Wapsie’s secretary but her character has evolved a bit differently from her predecessor’s. Now she is the love of Freddy Dry Up’s life. Bootoo and Spengeh return, crazier than before.

The story remains much the same, Sonny, is in love with Wendy Sue but her father Wapsie will have none of the relationship. He proudly introduces Wendy Sue to Freddy Dry Up as a more suitable fiancé (that is rich), but Wendy Sue only has eyes for Sonny, and Freddy for Cutie.

Sonny heads off on a overseas tour and returns triumphant. Sonny and Miss Inez show Wapsie that life is not all about material things. True love prevails and a wedding is in store by the Finale.

Cast of Characters

Wapsie: Colin Anglin/ Michael Nicholson
Mrs. Dry Up: Dorothy Cunningham/ Ivy Phillips
Freddy Dry Up: Melward Morris/ Desmond Moulton
Sonny: Luke Williams/ Barrington Burke Green
Miss Inez: Elizabeth Brown/ Faith Bucknor
Wendy Sue: Janice Ward/Sonia Samuels
Cutie: Jacqueline Higgins/ Iris Salmon
Bootoo: George Howard/Recordo Redwood/
Spengeh: Carlton Butler
One Neisha: Hortense Smikle/Delrose Burke
Two Neisha: Donna Lebert/ Halcyone Samms
Three Neisha: Jennifer Douglas/ Doreen King
Willy: Canute Lawrence/ Luke Williams
MC Chisel: Michael Nicholson/Luke Williams

In supporting roles: Kevin Roach, Oliver Gordon, Jerry Eastwood, Barbara Johnson
Musical Numbers
Act 1

Believe in Yourself
Another Day, Another Dollar
Tief Tek Over Town
Our Love
Me In Charge
Oh Miss Wendy Sue
Big ‘im Up

Act 2
Yuh Nuh Hear de News
Hello Sonny
Old style/new style
Finale: Believe in Yourself (reprise)


Calvin Cameron - Leader/ Trombone
Kathy Barret - Keyboards
Regnarine Brown - Piano
David Sanderson - Bass
Carl Greensword - Percussion/Traps