Book by
Sylvia Wynter and

Alex Gradussov

Directed by
Paul Methuen

Lyrics by
Sylvia Wynter and
Tony McNeil

Music composed by
David Ogden and

Peter Ashbourne

Sets by
Richard Montgomery

Costumes by

Sally Thompson

Choreography by
Joyce Campbell

Lighting by
George Carter



The Story
Rockstone Anancy
The story begins with Anancy settling a strike in Power Square, Babylon City. With the people appeased, Anancy turns to his regular plans. He is trying to get Madame Culture-Vulture to invest all her savings in his latest business venture. Madame Culture Vulture agrees as Anancy's partner Andy has proposed to Blossom, Madame's daughter. Blossom, however is busy planning an occupation against the University with her radical friend Scorcher Smallshop, son of the wise woman of the village Mother Balm.

The plans against the University go awry when Andy, instead of helping the students becomes the advisor of the University. Blossom is enraged and breaks off the engagement. Blossom is sent to Look Behind village to do folk research and is welcomed by Mother Balm who shows her the customs of the village.

Mother Balm - through a magical potion sees that all is not well in Babylon City and that she must return to save her son Scorcher and Anancy who have become entangled with a foreign trickster Amadeus X Mach.
Not to worry though - alls well that ends well in Pantomime. Mother Balm is able to save Scorcher and Amadeus X Mach is vanquished.

Cast of Characters
Rockstone Anancy: Ranny Williams
Mother Balm: Louise Bennett
Madame Culture-Vulture: Lois Kelly-Barrow
Amadeus X Mach: Bobby Ghisays
Andy Russell: Buddy Pouyatt
Blossom: Eleanor Wint
Scorcher: Raymond Hill

Singers: Beulah Banbury, Barbara Beavers, Paula Brown, Hope Foreman, Barbara Kaufman, Mabel Miller, Diane Sett, Gertrude Sherwood, Megan Thomas, Eleanor Wint, Courtney Brammer, Cecil Cooper, Bill Dumont, Douglas Folkes, Noel Heron, Stanley Irons, Vernon Nash, Denzil Southwood-Smith, Fitz Weir

Dancers: Joyce Abrahams, Micky McGowan, Carole McClaren, Carol Miller, Patsy Ricketts, Sonia Thompson, Frank Ashley, Herbert Coverley, Noel Hall, Thomas Pinnock

Musical Numbers
Act One:

Act Two: