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Why be involved in the Pantomime? Here are some comments from Company Members:

  • I have enjoyed playing a variety of roles and exploring their differences. My love for
    performance in particular singing, is what keeps me going in the Pantomime.”

  • My love for the arts and being a part of an organization that seeks to preserve the rich culture and heritage of
    our country, is my reason for being a member of the Pantomime Company

  • The Pantomime has taught me discipline in performance and I continue to grow every year.

  • The fellowship among the group is what really makes me continue as a Pantomime performer.

  • I take part in the Pantomime because of my love of performing. Whether I am singing, dancing or acting I give my all.


Applicants must be 21 years or over; live within reach of the Corporate Area; Not recommended for full-time students or persons unavailable on saturdays and sundays.

When called for audition:

  • Please come prepared to sing, dance and read a portion of text which will be provided.

  • Please choose a song which is within your range. It is recommended that you also choose a Jamaican folk song as this best demonstrates the kind of voice we are seeking.

  • As part of the singing test, you will be asked to “pitch,” that is, to reproduce a note or notes played on the keyboard or piano. All applicants are required to do this. The results go a far way in the final selection.

  • Wear or bring exercise clothes (shorts, T-shirts, etc) so as to be comfortable for the dance test.

  • Although you may have strength in one or two of the required areas, final choice is made of persons who excel in ALL three.

  • Be on time for the appointment which you have been given. Late-comers will not be facilitated.

  • Participation in the Pantomime is regarded basically as a voluntary effort. It is not a full-time job. If you are looking at this as regular employment, this might not be of benefit to you.

    The Pantomime process runs from rehearsals in September through to Opening Night - December 26. Regular shows continue until May of the following year, consider carefully if you will be able to fulfill the demands on your time.

  • If you are attending school or plan to undertake studies in the forthcoming academic year (2017/18), you may wish to re-think. Experience shows that it is difficult to manage performing and studying at the same time.

  • Persons under the age of 19 who are still attending school cannot be considered for audition.

  • To learn more about the Pantomime Company and what is required of its members, Click Here