Company Members

The LTM Pantomime Company was formed in 1985, and developed out of a summer workshop coordinated by Maurice Harty. The need to bring together a core of multifaceted, musical theatre performers grew out of a realisation that much valuable rehearsal time was spent breaking in a new set of players each season only to start again with the next. Under the leadership of Brian Heap and Barbara Gloudon, the Company went into action.

Since 1985, the "company system" has produced within the LTM a cadre of young performers, notable for their versatility, not only in their ability to sing, dance and act, but also their readiness to meet the special challenges of the Pantomime including stilt-walking, acrobatics and puppet/effigy animation.

The first Pantomime which featured the Company was "Trash", (1986/87) a watershed production which ensured the survival of Pantomime in the information age in Jamaica. The emergence of the Pantomime Company has also enabled the Pantomime to tour extensively. The Company has performed throughout the United States, at several venues in Florida and New York as well as Toronto, Canada, Leeds and London in the United Kingdom and Port of Spain, Trinidad.

The Pantomime Company has a summer season of a production which features mainly music and songs from the extensive collection developed over the years. The productions began in 1996 with Rookumbine - a revue of Pantomime songs, the following year the Company was seen in Augus Mawnin which was created in recognition of the return of Emancipation Day to the national calendar. Other summer fare include "Going Back Home", "Duckoonoo Town" , "Freedom fe Who?" and "Letters for Emancipendence"

The Pantomime Company upholds the mantra "You're only as good as your last performance" and so they rise to the creative challenges set for each year's production as they seek to bring quality family entertainment to the theatre-going public.


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