Barbara Gloudon

Grub Cooper
with contributions from
Ibo Cooper

Barbara Gloudon,

Movement and Staging
Prof. Rex Nettleford
Alice Berry & Joyce Campbell

Michael Lorde

Anya Gloudon

Symonne Coombs

Michael McDonald

Vincent Chin Penn &
Sylvester Campbell

Stage Management
Larry Watson

Directed by
Bobby Clarke



The Story
“Miss Annie” takes liberties with history creating a “new legend” about the woman some knew as the Witch of Rose Hall, infamous for disposing of husbands, of not being above use of a spot of witchcraft and other dark deeds picked up along the way. In 1976, when “The Witch” was performed, the ‘dark side’ of Annie Palmer was foremost. Time has passed, the dark side

Miss Annie
overwhelms us so much that the author decided to play it more for laughs. Consequently, historians might be surprised that this Miss Annie is more vulnerable when she falls in love with a certain Lord Anthony of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

A spot of liberty is also taken with time. In a kind of prologue, a group of school children visit the Great House, the staff of which extend a welcome to visitors/tourists. Off the children go… and the past takes over for the telling of Miss Annnie’s story. She’s just got married again to Albert who doesn’t last very long… a little problem of no money. Having hastened him to a rather untimely departure, she sets off to marry again. At a ball she meets Lord Anthony. She is smitten, but love is not the only thing on her mind. Her workers (some call them slaves) are restless, they are demanding pay for all the years they have worked without wages. The revolt is led by Kalambe, a determined young man, son of Coobah, Miss Annie’s housekeeper and Headman who enforces discipline in the field on Miss Annie’s behalf. Kalambe is in love with Yolande who works in the Great House and she with him.

As Miss Annie pursues Lord Anthony, the “industrial dispute” by her workers get out of hand. They walk off the job, bringing things to a head with Miss Annie. Some people end up in the Dungeon, a dreaded part of Miss Annie’s domain. “Story come to bump” as we say, with clashes of one kind and another. Helping hard is Patoo, a really wise old owl. After various confrontations, it all gets sorted out… in time for happiness and even a wedding by the end.

Cast of Characters
Miss Annie: Nadean Rawlins/ Jacqui Higgins
Lord Anthony: Peter Heslop/ Melward Morris
Coobah: Barbara Johnson/ Doreen King
Headman: Carlton Butler/Clayton Lynch
Kalambe: Kevin Roach/Kevin Halstead
Yolande: Pauline Woodburn/ Marvett Murphy
Nana: Faith Bucknor/Doreen King
Tandeh: Fitz Weir/Clayton Lynch
Banjo: Ray Jarrett/Oliver Gordon
Teacher: Faith Bucknor/ Delrose Burke
Patoo: Sonia Samuels/ Sophia Fletcher

In supporting roles Sharon Findlay, Michael Dawkins, Tamara Campbell, Simone Haughton, Kevon Williams and Cadine Hall

Musical Numbers
Act 1

Married Again
Man Haffe Do
I Love Money*
One More Day
Shocking, Shocking
Cane Nuh Sweet
Plan Wi Plan

Act 2
Time Come
It Nah Go So*
Pay Wi
Here Comes Fi We Bride

Calvin Cameron - Leader/ Trombone
Nickisha Carter - Keyboard
Charmaine Bowman - Piano
Calvin Mitchell - Percussion
Paul Mullings - Percussion
David Sanderson - Guitar
Arthur Gosling - Bass
Sean Hird - Flute