Barbara Gloudon

Grub Cooper with Dwight Sanderson and Lloyd Lovindeer

Barbara Gloudon

Movement and Staging
Prof Rex Nettleford and George Howard

Michael Lorde

Anya Gloudon

Symonne Coombs

Michael McDonald

Sylvester Campbell

Stage Management
Larry Watson

Directed by
Barbara Gloudon



The Story

Chicken Merry

Everybody is eating chicken meat and in a time when food festivals are the rage, the community stages its Chicken Festival (to the discomfort of chickens who are not all that happy about the new dietary craze). There is also conflict between Miss Mirrie, the community matriarch and Papa D, the ambitious deejay who takes the credit for inititiating the Chicken Festival and mesmerizes the people with his “Dutty Song”. Both Papa D and Miss Mirrie have enthusiastic followers who take sides in supporting them. Papa D’s manager-promoter (Sistah Pinkie) wants him to cut a new album, but he is more interested in other things, such as Miss Mirrie’s chickens and her daughter Rosalie. However, Rosalie and the community policeman, Steve, have eyes only for each other.

After a promising start, Papa D’s entrepreneurial efforts start to go sour. The people, fickle as usual, turn from him. Papa D decides to improve his fortunes by capturing Mirrie’s prize chickens with the help of his two Dobermen and a somewhat reluctant Sistah Pinkie. But Papa D reckons without the fighting spirit of Mirrie and her chickens, not to mention the crime-busting efforts of Steve and his Squaddies. Papa D, thoroughly dissed, ends up before the judge. He has to make some serious changes in his life or else… Meanwhile, Miss Mirrie’s chickens are saved from the frying pan. Steve gets a long-awaited promotion (and a raise of pay) and the good people get together for a community celebration in which everybody has something to sing about.

Cast of Characters
Miss Mirrie: Nadean Rawlins/Barbara Johnson
Papa D: Kevin Roach/George Howard
Rosalie:Trecia Guy/ Pauline Woodburn
Policeman Steve: Kevin Halstead
Pinkie: Doreen King
Ralphie Rooster: Dwight Sanderson/ Carlton Butler
Lola Leghorn: Faith Bucknor
Patsy Pullet:Jacqui Higgins/ Ericka Wilson
Dora Dominica: Sonia Samuels/Simone Haughton
Doberman 1: Clayton Lynch
Doberman 2: Phillip Powell
Liza: Sophia Fletcher
Mae: Delrose Burke
Police Men: Kevon Williams, Matthew Silpott

In supporting roles Sharon Findlay, Sharon Edwards, Michael Dawkins, Tamara Campbell, Marvett Murphy, Fitz Weir
Musical Numbers
Act 1
Chicken Festival
Kibba Yuh Mout
Dutty Song (Lovindeer)
Believe in Yourself
Traffic Jam

Act 2
Whe De Beauty Dem Deh
Meeten Call to Order
They're Gonna Talk (Courtesy of Beres Hammond)
Clean Song (Lovindeer)

Calvin Cameron Leader/ Trombone
Audley Searchwell/Nickisha Carter Keyboard
Pat Roxborough Piano
Calvin Mitchell Percussion
Paul Mullings, Devrowe Clarke Percussion
David Sanderson Guitar
Trevor Thompson Bass