Barbara Gloudon

Grub Cooper

Barbara Gloudon

Movement and Staging
Kevin Moore and
Prof. Rex Nettleford

Michael Lorde

Anya Gloudon

Symonne Coombs

Michael McDonald

Sylvester Campbell

Stage Management
Larry Watson

Directed by
Robert "Bobby" Clarke



Runner Boy
Runner Boy

The Story
The village of Yam Hill is known for its cultivation of yam which is sold at the local Yamporium run by village elders Maas Joshie and Miss Janey. It is managed by Miss Fagan wo delights in harassing her fellow employees Netty and Man-Man while speaking in a language of her own. We are introduced to the villagers at "The Yamalympics", the annual village fair featuring Yam Eating, Yam Toss, Yam and Spoon and Yam Lifting and the grand Tug-a-yam. The main event is the Yam Dash and the favoured competitor is Marcus Mosiah Williams, grandson of Janey and Joshie who are confident that he will be as great as his namesake Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Just as Janey and Joshie are proud of Marcus, Chicken Foot, owner of the Whole-Heap-A- Chicken Store has high hopes for his son Lickle Chicken, that one day he too will become a great runner. Lickle Chicken, however is only concerned with being a singer.

After winning the Yam Dash, Marcus is dubbed "Runner Boy" by the Yam Hillers and along with his best friend Denny they are picked to represent Yam Hill High at the Champs in town. Through some “wheeling and dealing”, Chicken Foot also secures a place for Lickle Chicken on the team. Running at Champs is a big deal for Marcus, but he must now abandon his love of barefoot running and learn to compete in track shoes. Janey and Joshie secure the only track shoes on sale in the village but when Marcus gets to Champs, a crisis develops affecting the shoes.

Will Marcus triumph at Champs and realise his dreams to perform on the world stage at the Biglympics? Will Yam Hill be placed on the world map as the home of the world beater Runner Boy? By the final curtain, the answers are given and Runner Boy’s story comes to a happy end.

Cast of Characters
Miss Janey - Pauline Woodbourn/Doreen King
Maas Joshie - Ray Jarrett/ Kevin Halstead
Chicken Foot - George Howard/ Carlton Butler
Marcus - Ronald Millwood/ Cadine Hall
Man-Man - Kevin Halstead/ George Howard
Miss Fagan
- Faith Bucknor/ Sharon Edwards
Netty - Sharon Edwards/ Tamara Campbell
Post Missis - Doreen King/Angiene Cannigan
Lickle Chicken - Roger Thomas/ Ronald Millwood
Denny - Cadine Hall/ Rohan Brown
Shawna Kay - Kishawna Gordon/ Nicole Taylor
Sheeka - Toni-Ann Fraser/ Kishawna Gordon
Supporting Characters: Carlton Butler, Marvette Murphy Davis, Damion Campbell, Sonia Samuels, Phylea Carley, Kemar Lee, Fabian Clarke

Musical Numbers
Act 1

Yamalympics Time
Yeah Yeah
Yam Hill Morning
We Work fe Live
We Ketch Dem
Woman Logics
Go Team Yam Hill

Act 2

Ole Time Sinting
Man Haffe Do
Bring on De Big Screen TV
Nuh Siddung Deh
Finale: Yam Hill Glory

Calvin “Bubbles” Cameron - Leader/Trombone
Resna Brown - Keyboards
Simone Fletcher - Piano
Kismet Cooper- Piano
Calvin Mitchell - Percussion
Oneil Clayton- Percussion
Cleveland Manderson - Guitar
Trevor Thompson- Bass
Jermaine Gordon - Bass